Disengage To None

by Disconnect

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Recorded April-May 2012
Mixed May 2012 - June 2012
All tracks written by Disconnect
Produced and Mixed by Adam Miles
Cover art by Adam Miles


released June 12, 2012

Side A (tracks 1-4):

Adam Miles - Bass, drum/synth programming, backing vocals
Jamie Scott - Guitars
David Bradley - Vocals

Side B (tracks 5-7):

Adam Miles - Bass, guitars, drum/synth programming, backing vocals
David Bradley - Vocals



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Disconnect Belfast, UK

Industrial-based extreme metal. A cathartic melting pot of influences.


Adam Miles - Guitar, Synths, Vocals, Drum Programming

Paul McRoberts - Bass

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Track Name: Scrutiny
Septic induced perfection
Rotten to the core
Your deprived imperfections
Beg for more!
Entailed by your existence
You scrutinise the past
And so your withered essence
Now will last


In your own chaotic shrouds
You fail to feel (Scrutinise!)
Your head in the clouds
You kill, and kneel (Realise!)

Buried in your own mind
Left frail in your own hell
Cower to dodge the blame
Your life shall never be the same
Your flesh on the wall
And you just smile
Nails driven further
Prestige to DIE!
Track Name: Private Suffering
Pandemonic fallacy
Reaching its end
Your own furies
Reaching a descent

Fear! Your own private hell.
Lust! Your life's private pleasures.
Pain! Your punishments.
Failure! How you chose to fall.

Others live off your failures
Unaware what's at hand
You face your own raptures
Your dreams nothing but bland
Track Name: Industries Rising
Trapped within these boxes I maintain
Keys primed to set this fuse alight

Trembling in this cell that I can't see
Half of me, a virtual entity

I am what I’ve bought
Switched on with severed controls
Locked in, linked up, alive
I’m alive when I’m dead

Pain magnetised and cached
Existing through copper and blood
A thousand eyes stare into me
Make me feel like nothing

An automated shrine of lies
Commands my very path
Downgraded to a slave
Existing at their convenience

A cog!

Just a cog, just a cog
Just a spare part
Just a cog, just a cog
A fucking spare part

Barren industries rising!
Mankind degrades
Barren industries rising!
Endless charade
Track Name: Thrones
Grey landscapes in a barren world
Inventories of dead fall from your throne
Your gods are watching, knife to your neck
Woke up, wrong side, now someone must die
Looking down, there's not enough space
Deaths fall below your natural rate
A law unto your own, you stride on
Etonian scythe, strike us down

Harness the power of a lie
Use it to decieve the masses
Strike down those who aren't like you
Tax them away until they die
Broken lives for your greater good
Broken lives for your greater gods
Money, success, status, power
Pull the trigger

All you are is a statistic
All you've made are statistics
All your life is statistics
Your death, just a statistic

My only wish for you, is that you were dead

Your words mean nothing to me
Regardless of your worth
Your face towards your throne
Is a race to your destruction
Broken lives for your greater good
Broken lives for your greater gods
Money, success, status, power
Pull the trigger
Pull the fucking trigger
Track Name: Abyss To Call Home
Twisted forms call my name
Onwards to dysnormia
Trauma turns to lifeblood
Addiction to violent gain

The line of sanity is strained
Enough to pierce with a knife
Enough to take one more chance
To take your precious life

Fallen Gemini, deflowered
Drifting in rivers of tears
As the sun fades from view
I submit to the altar

The line of thought is blurred
Enough to strike out your light
I’ll make you reap what you’ve sown
I’ll take back what should have been mine

In violence I am pure!

Now that the bloodshed has passed
I’ll attempt to live again
Descending into the abyss
An abyss to call home
Track Name: Panphobic Onslaught
Surrounded by the unknown
I reach out into the void
Hoping for something to save me
And I find no answer
Oh, they flee from their fate
Ignorant to impending faults
Doubt as a sign of strength
Marching towards nothing

Traversing murky waters
In search of what to believe
Conflicting thoughts rise within
Rendered to indecision
Oh, is there a truth?
In this world of make believe
The future’s veiled in black
While my time emaciates

The answers lie in their graves

Trapped within, need release
Blend in, to save face
Fearmongered judgement day
Lingering ghosts of darker... times
A panphobic onslaught!
Track Name: Sudden Realisation of Closure
Unknown features
Perpetual motions
Am I a creature?
Unbelievable notions

Deceiving sidewalks
I've left my void
Onwards, through the trance
I feel nothing

An epiphany
With no motive
A black figure
Forever to stride on

All that, I can see
Fades to black

All that, I can touch
Is your skin

All your lies, can do
Me no harm

All we see, is our sea
This can't be real
This is not me