by Disconnect

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Recorded December, 2011
Mixed December 2011 - January 2012
All tracks written by Disconnect
Produced and Mixed by Adam Miles
Cover art by Adam Miles


released February 18, 2012

Disconnect is:
Adam Miles - Bass, drum/synth programming, backing vocals
Jamie Scott - Guitars
David Bradley - Vocals



all rights reserved


Disconnect Belfast, UK

Industrial-based extreme metal. A cathartic melting pot of influences.


Adam Miles - Guitar, Synths, Vocals, Drum Programming

Paul McRoberts - Bass

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Track Name: Birthright
Kick me when I'm down

This is your birthright

Laugh away when I drown

This is your birthright

Take what's yours from others

This is your birthright

Slay your fellow brother

This is your birthright

Do what you want, don't fucking care

Go jeer and taunt, don't fucking care

Be what you're not, don't fucking care

I, don't fucking care

Tread over me
Track Name: Blind
You'll do anything to kill me

You'll do anything to die

Truth forevermore obscured

Who knows what is real?

You're blind... by hate

Streaks of red in your eyes

Hints of spite in your lies

You're a fool in denial

And you walk the path of death

You're blind... by hate

You are blind by your own hate

You can't see past your enemies

You will live with punishment

And you will die with contempt

You're blind... by hate
Track Name: Leech Beyond
A loss of feeling

For another human being

Decieving, destroying

A leech you are becoming

A gain of greed

To feed your need

To import blood

And export spawn

All that you used to care for... now gone

So you go beyond yourself

Looking for solace

Rejected by this world

That you leeched off

You've drained everything dry

All that is left for you... is... to... die

Losing contact with this world

Screams go unheard

No one cares, your destiny to die, is fair

Only you to blame

Die in pain

Leech Beyond

A gain of greed

To feed your need

To import blood

And export spawn

All that you used to care for... fucking... gone
Track Name: Chapel of Hate
I'll reside in this empty space

Adorned with my own disgrace

She comes again, with my life

Attached to the end, of her knife

Addicted, I am helpless here

And so I am enshrined by fear

And you, my once called friend

Now push me to my end

Controlled by your own greed

You placed your whims over need...over need

And so I'll rise within my pain

None to lose and all to gain

My thirst for vengeance will not wait

In this bloodstained... chapel of hate